¿La mejor manera de llegar? Disfrutando de las calles de Córdoba 😉

Train / Bus.

Just at the exit of both stations (one is in front of the other) you will find a bus stop (green), take the line 3 and stop at Calle San Fernando, the Hostel is a five minute walk towards the Mosque and located in a side street to the Mosque, the street Martinez Rücker, at number 14.


Don’t put the GPS on, it will take you through practically impassable streets and you will get a hard time through very, very narrow streets. The best and most practical way is to park in the Miraflores Park area and walk across one of the two bridges (Puente de Miraflores or Puente Romano). You are now in the World Heritage Area, we are next to the Mosque on a side street. It’s a seven-minute walk and your heart and your car will thank you. 14 Martinez Rucker Street, 14.